“Bill’s work is subtle, yet very powerful! During his sessions, I literally felt currents of divine energy flowing through me. There is nothing more restorative than energy work.”

Denys Morgan, LMT

“As a person with reflex sympathetic dystrophy, I have been struggling to find new ways to deal with the muscle spasms and pain from this disease…. Bill Kohner has an excellent, sensitive technique where he has the ability to access many different parts of the body and produce change. There is incredible power in energy work and Bill is a patient, caring and devoted person to engage with in this kind of work.”

Danielle F .

Graduate Student in Psychology

"I have been diagnosed with ...Charcot Marie Tooth, ..., and have had a dropped left foot since 1997. …. A year and a half ago I could barely walk and had trouble finding a sleep position which was not painful. … I started working with Bill Kohner on a weekly basis about one and one half years ago. I have been very happy with the results to date. I am pain free most of the time. Bill has loosened up my dropped foot so I can roll it and walk more normally. He has taken the curvature from my upper spine and made other changes so I can now stand up straight. My walking is very much improved and he is working on the scoliosis. … My doctor, who is an Osteopath and a pain specialist, is amazed at my progress. I would strongly recommend Bill Kohner to any one with similar problems."

David H.Green Ph.D.

Retired Physicist

Lakewood Ohio


"I have worked with Bill as a colleague and client for many years, and in all cases i have found his work to be of the highest quality and integrity. I have suffered from variations of structural pain for most of my life, due to injury and surgery, and have received tremendous relief from Bill's treatments. His unique combination of healing modalities, plus his knowledge and understanding of the workings of the human body, have been of great benefit to my own healing. His sensitivity to energy fields is only surpassed by his willingness to stay open to all possibility on behalf of the client. I value Bill's warmth, humor, compassion, perceptiveness, kindness and sincerity. I enjoy being in his presence; he creates a safe environment and comfort level that enhances the healing process."



Cleveland Ohio