About Me

Background in Energy Work

I have been a student of energy healing since 1982, am certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Nervous System Energy Work, am recognized as a Certified Somatic Therapist By Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals and am a Reiki Master.

Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere, a noted energy healer and founder of the Healing Light Center has been one of my teachers, and I have studied with other healers ordained in the Healing Light Center tradition, including James I. Kepner, Carol DeSanto, and Shelby Hammitt.

I have studied the art of Recognizing Subtle Energies, Motions, Forces and Rhythms for Health as well as:

Cranial Sacral Biodynamics - https://www.craniosacraltherapy.org/what-is-bcst-#:~:text=Biodynamic%20Craniosacral%20Therapy%20is%20a,the%20nervous%20system%20(NS).

Unwinding -https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3091471/#:~:text=by%20the%20client.-,(,to%20the%20sensation%20of%20movement.

Polarity - https://polaritytherapy.org/about/history/

Muscle Release Therapy - http://www.chagrinvalleywellness.com/mrthreg--massage.html

The Alexander Technique - https://alexandertechnique.com/

Contractile Fields - https://phillipbeach.com/contractile-fields/

Trigger Points - http://www.tassospanos.com/

and other healing modalities.

I have completed the Transdisciplinary Holistic Care Curriculum at The Cleveland Clinic. http://www.clevelandclinic.org/collective/postproceedings/Wed_11am_Johnson,%20Barb%20(2).pdf


Universal Brotherhood Movement has ordained me as an Interfaith Minister.

Background in Movement

I have practiced Taoist Internal Arts since 1985. http://www.wayofharmony.com/

I studied Yoga and Core Body Wisdom with Ginny Nadler for many years. https://www.corebodywisdom.com/

Feldenkrais Lessons have been my companion for decades. https://feldenkrais.com/

The Egoscue Method rescued me. https://www.egoscue.com/ arch

The Archetypal Postures of Repose have taught me many lessons. https://phillipbeach.com/archetypal-postures/

Background in the Internal Arts

I am a Master Teacher at Way of Harmony Martial Arts School where I teach the internal martial arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua Zhang and Qi Gong which I have been practicing since 1985. I hold a Fifth Level Red Sash and Master Teacher Certification in Way of Harmony, an integrated martial arts system.

I have studied Qi Gong with Dr. Wang, Xue-Zhi, a Qi Gong Master and Doctor of Oriental Medicine in Seattle Washington. http://drwangclinic.com/dr-wang.html


I received a B.A. degree in Economics from Miami University (1966), an M.A. degree in Economics from Northwestern University (1967) and a J.D. degree (cum laude) from Cleveland State University (1971).

In 2001, after more than 30 years of practicing labor law and teaching economics and business law, I retired to devote my time to the pursuit, practice, and transmission of the understanding of where and how to move effectively for any purpose.